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What makes Twin City Die Castings different?

TCDC is a full-service supplier of precision aluminum, magnesium, and zinc die castings.


Precision means not only that we hold our parts to the highest NADCA standards for cast tolerances, but also that all TCDC plants boast state-of-the-art in-house machine shops. This rare capability makes TCDC an ideal supplier for parts requiring custom or close-tolerance machining.


Full-service means that we are ready to work in partnership with our customers in every phase of the engineering process.

During part design, our knowledge of the die cast process allows us to suggest modifications that can reduce tooling and metal costs.

The Simtech flow, cooling, and shrink simulation software we operate can add further insight, refining our mold design and accurately calculating the mechanical properties of a casting before tool construction even begins.

Prototypes often help customers hit their market windows, and, to meet this need, TCDC operates two rapid prototyping machines as well as maintaining affiliations with the highest quality metal prototype manufacturers.

On long runs, TCDC will work to fine-tune production, ensuring that our customers achieve maximum benefit from our experience and efficiency.